Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

PureRevShare Maxmise your earning

Each Ad Position cost just $10.00 and Expires when you earn $15.00 per Ad Position!

  1.  If you owns , 2 Ad Positions you will get paid twice per Ad Position sold!.
  2.  If you owns , 10 Ad Positions you will get paid 10 Times!.
  3.  If you owns , 20 Ad Positions you will get paid 20 times!.
  4.  If you owns , 50 Ad Positions you will get paid 50 times!. 
  5. The more Ad positions you own, the more money you will earn. There is NO LIMIT to how many Ad positions you may own. 
  6. But to ensure that profits are evenly shared, we only allow 10 ad positions purchases per transaction. You can make multiple purchases daily. 
  7. PureRevShare takes the pressure off of members to refer new members, especially those that aren't keen on promoting. Members earn from all Ad positions purchased.
  8.  You may withdraw when your balance reaches $10.00 USD which will be processed within 3 days of request. Earn 150% per each share you purchase!
  • Truly passive income - No Sponsoring required to Earn
  • You are 100% guaranteed to Earn!
  • Everyone gets paid alike. Everyone is a WINNER!
  • Earn 150% per each share you purchase!!
  • Receive Quality Advertising for Each Purchased.
  • You get 10,000 ad credits for each Ad positioned owned!
  • Compound Your earnings with our 20% re-purchase policy.
  • 2 Levels Referral Commissions (10% on Level 1, 5% on Level 2).!
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Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

HourlyChicPay is a passive income online advertising

HourlyChicPay is a passive income online advertising platform where you get paid hourly to advertise your business .

It is very simple to get started. You just need to purchase ad units for your website(s), and then we will pay you between 0.08791% - 0.16666% Every Hour.

As soon as you get started, you will be able to generate money.

Just by signing up for an account, we’ll give you $12.00 absolutely for free! Once you register, the bonus will be automatically added to your account.

Another welcome bonus: 20,000 Ad credits!
Each Ad pack costs as low as only $0.99 and you will also receive 1,000 text ad credits and 1,000 banner ad credits for each ad pack you own.

Join now

Referral Commission:

We Pay up to 15% Referral commission for 3 levels. 7% level one referral purchases, 5% level two referral purchases and 3% level three referral purchases.

For example if you refer someone who purchased $1,000.00 ad packs, you will get a $70.00 direct referral

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Adrevworld amazing site

Advertise & Earn!

Simply purchase your ARW Pack starting at:
  • $5 up to $100 [Bronze]
  • $101 up to $1000 [Silver]
  • $1001 up to $100,000.00 [Gold]
500 free credits just for signing up!

Receive from 25 to 75 web site view credits per dollar spent on ARW Packs
Rate 10 Ads To Qualify For Revenue Shares For The Day
Advertise up to 5 different web sites at once in our surfing loop
Each time your site is shown and rated in the surfing loop one credit is decucted
No Referring Required To Receive Revenue Shares
FREE members earn by sponsoring
Special commission for promoters, please inquire

Please see Our Plans for more details on our ARW.

Revenues come from:

  • ARW Packs
  • Premium Web Site Ads
  • 728x90 Banner Ads
  • 468x60 Banner Ads
  • 125x125 Banner Ads
Purchasing ARW Pack is the only way to purchase revenue shares and website traffic.
With more sales revenue than shares being purchased, this provides you a stable and long term revenue share as these services are in high demand in today's market. The revenue to share ratio remains in a good position as you share in the purchase of ALL services.
  • You Purchase 1 Or More ARW Packs For as low as $5 !!
  • Each Re-purchase also Provides Additional Visitors !!
  • 7% Referral Commission On EVERY ARW Pack Purchase !!
  • 70% of profits are shared with members !!
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Rabu, 01 Mei 2013


Takes investment lr, pm, egopay
investmen Plans:
ADVANCE PLAN: 5.2% DAILY FOR 50 DAYS Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%) $ 500 and more
STANDARD PLAN: 4.2% DAILY FOR 50 DAYS Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%) $ 100 - $ 499
BASIC PLAN: 3.2% DAILY FOR 50 DAYS Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%) $ 10 - $ 99


3 years domain registration
live support
phone support
skype support

klik here to join
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Sabtu, 20 April 2013

PayPayRev - New PTA and Paying!

No Risk No Gain
Risk is an adventure ~
Without risk you can not get good profit. Without failure you do not get success. :)



Admin's infomation:

Barbara Ahern is the registered owner of PayPayRev.Com. She's been living all her life in Phoenix, Arizona, and she's married with 4 children. 

And working with her in the management of PayPayRev.Com are John Kelly and Julia Nelson.

The marketing department is handled by Richard Thompson, Sarah Hernandez, and Mark King.

Support is managed by Philip Campbell, Paul Wright, and Merit Edwards.

The team welcomes you and wish you a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Silver Stream
Price Per Position :$5
Daily Earnings :3.6%
Return days :All Days
Expiration Terms :35 days
Credits Package :
Banner Ads :100
Text Ads :100
Solo Ads :100

Vortex Stream
Price Per Position :$200
Daily Earnings :4%
Return days :All Days
Expiration Terms :60 days
Credits Package :
Banner Ads :2000
Text Ads :2000
Solo Ads :2000

Gold Stream
Price Per Position :$10
Daily Earnings :3.7%
Return days :All Days
Expiration Terms :40 days
Credits Package :
Banner Ads :200
Text Ads :200
Solo Ads :200

Ptatinum Stream
Price Per Position :$100
Daily Earnings :3.8%
Return days :All Days
Expiration Terms :50 days
Credits Package :
Banner Ads :1000
Text Ads :1000
Solo Ads :1000

For risk-takers only,Fred Richardson
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Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Nobox best investment and ptc

My name is Karlo Marek, and I earn my living out of the internet for about 10 years, give or take. You might know me from investnote what began as a newsletter service in the year 2010. Later I purchased the domain, and I began blogging and sharing how I do make my living. In mid 2012, I have pointed the domain to my personal Google+ profile. What ended finally up as a Google+ Business Page. I just cherish the communication on G+, but most of all my circle friends are actually a big part of my success. Together we are able to accomplish greater success.

Enough said about the past or what is still developing on Google, lets uncover more about NoBox.

I constantly searched for the online business what is self-sustaining; I learned there is not such thing, on MLM you need to sell and invite people. HYIP and Surfs 'end' sooner or later and even profit share programs what began strong, ending because of the lack of new investments. Of course DDoS attacks, ecurrency problems and server failures are an extra treat to the daily earners. I lived on the investment strategy, early in and out, and the strategy worked for me. Though, there remained the desire to find a self-sustaining program, that which earns money, is fun and don't let us down.

Now Profit Share systems, are wealth builder at the start, but as more people joining, lesser to NO money can be earned. Until the program has been forgotten, or just closed down. There are traffic exchanger, who pay very little or nothing to exchange websites. Sounds great, but either you can't earn any money, or the program close down as soon the daily payouts growing higher as the money coming into the doors.

Now the biggest question is how we could develop a website that which is both, a wealth producer, but self-sustaining.

Great business leaders use to say, think outside the box. However I quickly recognized to make things happen lose the box! Because as soon you look at the box, your mind just try to find ways and ideas based on a box.

No Sponsoring! No MLM! No Network Marketing! No SalesSelf-sustaining!


  • Traffic Exchange
  • Manual Surf
  • No Surf
  • Membership
  • None Membership
  • Banner Exchange
  • Advertise Driven
  • Affiliate Partners
  • Sponsored News
  • Cash-Backs
  • Adjustment Friday's
  • Sponsored Community Hangouts
  • Profit Revenue Share System

NoBox divides profits to members, 250% of each purchased Revenue Packs.

This is how NoBox does it:
 of all Membership purchases
90% of all Revenue Pack purchases
90% on all Banner purchases
90% of all Premium Ad purchases
90% of all Text Ads purchases
90% of all Referral commissions gained by Affiliate programs
95% of all Sponsored News
85% of all Ecurrency Exchange Fees
100% of all Member to Member Money Transfer Fees
30% of all Cash-Backs

are entering the security-revenue holdback.

Unlike, profit-share programs, the NoBox structure produces continuously revenue for there members. Thanks to the increase of Surf Members and Advertisement Watchers, NoBox will draw more advertisers and is able to increase costs on the available promotional spots. Additionally Cash-back partners will become more aware of NoBox and contribute revenue. Monthly fees for the memberships and other revenue streams like sponsored news will assure the continuation of profits.

So how much money can NoBox guarantee it's members?

250% of Revenue Purchases, with a daily supreme of 2% on Revenue Packs.

* The supreme of 2% is rewarded as long the revenue-security holdback can cover up 2% daily (read more here)

** Adjustment Friday's: Every Friday costs on some advertisement spots will  be adjusted, depending on what is sold or not sold. The prices will go  up or down. On Adjustment Friday's, the daily return's are not designed to reach the supreme 2%, but can reach anywhere between 0% to 8%. The given amount depends on the total performance over the past 7 days.

3 Unique Memberships!

Free Membership!
No Cost!
Max purchase 200 revenue packs
180% return on the revenue packs
Advertise 1 Website
Receive 1 credits for premium ads
Receive 1 credit for manual surf ads (watch min 10, max 25 ads a day)
Daily Surf required to earn.

NoBox Subscription
$4.99 per month
250% return on the revenue packs
Advertise 10 Websites
Receive 15 credits for premium ads (3 per day)
Receive 5 credits for manual ads (watch min 5, max 50 ads a day)
Daily Surf required

NoSurf Subscription
$6.99 per month
250% return on the revenue packs
Advertise 25 Websites
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Selasa, 09 April 2013

Airlines Profit Investment

Airlines Profit enjoys a unique position, thanks to its strategic focus on the international transport market, with the submarkets of shipping, aviation, and land transport. As a highly-specialised niche provider, the Airlines Profit offers a broad range of customised financial services.

With offices in twelve locations, we have a worldwide presence in the transport markets and their various segments. This global presence enables us to take into account both the international dimension and the local specifics of the markets in which our clients in Shipping, Aviation and Land Transport Finance operate.
Airlines Profit Management Board
Our Asset & Market Research prepares in-depth analyses of transport assets and markets. Leveraging this business intelligence, we support our clients in the key product areas of Structured Asset Financing, Private Equity Sourcing and Investments, Asset Management, Advisory Services, Risk Distribution, and Loan Participations.
Marketing plan:
Daily  Interest4.5 %5.5 %6.5 %
Investment Period40 Days40 Days40 Days
Minimum Investment10 USD101 USD501 USD
Maximum Investment100 USD500 USD40,000 USD
Principal ReturnNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Minimum WithdrawalNo MinimumNo MinimumNo Minimum
Please klik here to join
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